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Fulston Manor School

Fulston Manor School A Fulston Manor Academies Trust School

School Rules, Rewards And Respect

Will I be given a set of rules?

Yes.  Most of the rules are common sense and general awareness of others. If you behave in a sensible way, you are unlikely to get into trouble. When in doubt – ask!  Read the classroom code and classroom rules.

Are there any Prefects?

Yes, there are School Prefects and also House Prefects from Year 11.

How will I know who they are?

They will wear badges to show that they are prefects. Some School Prefects wear a red tie. Prefects ensure that you behave sensibly, but they are also there to help. If you have a problem, a Prefect is always a good person to ask.

What sort of punishments will I get if I do get into trouble?

Hopefully, you will not get into trouble, but if you do your punishment will depend on what you have done wrong. You may be given lines to write, extra work, a detention or, if the matter is serious, you may be sent to your Head of House. By punishing you, we hope that you will do your punishment correctly and learn from your mistakes.

Responsibility Card

Every term every student is issued with a responsibility card. If you do not follow the rules on:-

  1. Uniform being worn correctly
  2. Having all the books & equipment needed for lessons
  3. Being on time for lessons and registration
  4. Not bringing chewing gum into school
  5. Not taking food out of the House Area
  6. Using a Mobile phone appropriately

A teacher will sign your card. If five signatures are collected, then a house detention will be issued which is 30 minutes long. If you follow all of the rules on the card you will have good attitude to learning and you will succeed. Failure to produce your responsibility card when requested will also lead to a House detention.