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Head of Department

Mr W Rathje-Morris

Subject Teachers

Mr B Archer Teacher of Science
Mrs S Croft Teacher of Science
Miss J Easton Teacher of Science
Mr W Johnson Teacher of Science
Mrs M Gash Teacher of Science
Miss E Middleton Teacher of Science
Mrs A Szczesnowska Teacher of Science and Key Stage 4 and 5 Co-Ordinator
Mr J Steward Teacher of Science
Mrs H Teague Teacher of Science
Mr S Thompson Teacher of Science
Mrs J Walsh Teacher of Science and Key Stage 3 Co-Ordinator

Our Curriculum Intent

In science our aim is to foster an environment of discovery and curiosity. Science is everything from how our own bodies work to the formation of the universe and everything in between. The science curriculum is not only designed to give students a basic scientific literacy in the three specific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics but to also give students the tools to be able to answer the questions they have not even thought of yet. While we will of course prepare our students for external examinations, more importantly we want them to be able to understand the changing world around them so they are better prepared to look after themselves and their planet.

What Will Students Learn In Each Year?

The links below give a detailed breakdown of what is taught in the curriculum for each year.

Key Stage 5

Fulston Manor currently offers 2 A-Level courses in the sciences, Biology and Chemistry. Students wishing to study Physics can make use of our shared Sixth Form partnership taking the qualification at either Borden or Highsted.

Accommodation & Resources 

The science department is situated in G and M block and consists of combination of practical science labs and classrooms. We also have a dedicated preparation room which is staffed by our committed and experienced lab technicians who are responsible for the maintenance and preparation of our practical equipment. As a department we have a mobile laptop facility allowing the use of ICT in any classroom. All student in all year groups will be taught by science specialists.

Department aims

The aim of the science department is to provide every student with a foundation of scientific literacy and understanding that is necessary for their time at Fulston Manor School and beyond into their adult life. Science will be taught all through as a combined subject consisting of elements of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The only exception to this is those students that opt for triple science in year 9 who will then be taught the three subjects separately by specialist staff.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Science club – Weekly on Monday at 1510-1600hrs in G6.