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Fulston Manor School

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Head of House and Pastoral Assistant Details
  Mrs K Franks - Head of Stanhope


Mrs A Stanley - Pastoral Assistant
Dr C Stevens-Neaves - Pastoral Assistant

To aid communication to parents/guardians and allow the staff in zones to be able to work more with the students in their zones, we have moved to a Head of Year system whilst the COVID measures are in place.

Please use the contact details below to contact your child's Year Pastoral Team.


Year 7 

Mrs Franks, Head of Year 7 and Mr Raher, Assistant Head of Year 7 

Pastoral Assistants for Year 7: Mrs Stanley and Dr Stevens-Neaves 

Please contact via email on: [email protected] or telephone: 01795 412612 


Year 8 

Miss Jeffery, Head of Year 8 and Mr Westby Assistant Head of Year 8 

Pastoral Assistant for Year 8: Mrs Goodger 

Please contact via email on: [email protected] or telephone: 01795 412611 


Year 9 

Mr Abbott, Head of Year 9 and Miss Caulfeild-Browne, Assistant Head of Year 9 

Pastoral Assistants for Year 9: Dr Stevens-Neaves and Mr Pounds 

Please contact via email on: [email protected] or telephone 01795 412625  


Year 10 

Ms Hadok-Quadrio, Head of Year 10 

Pastoral Assistant – Mrs Forder 

Please contact via email on [email protected] or telephone 01795 412609 


Year 11 

Mr Deeks, Head of Year 11  

Pastoral Assistant – Mrs Wood 

Please contact via email on [email protected] or telephone 01795 412610


Welcome to Stanhope House

At Fulston Manor School our pastoral care sits alongside the School’s academic and extra-curricular programme to ensure that every child benefits from a truly holistic experience.

Our guiding principle is that every student is known and valued. This is achieved by creating a very strong support network including tutors, pastoral assistants and Head of House; every student having three members of staff directly responsible for their care. The quality of the professional relationship is key; therefore, support is consistent and caters to the individual needs of each and every boy and girl at the school

At Fulston Manor School, our students are extremely proud and loyal to their House and the aim is that for many years to come, there will be healthy and positive competition between Houses.

The Stanhope House Ethos

Support – help one another, collaborate and learn together

Together – be resilient, especially when things are tough

Respect – be kind, honest and be a good citizen

Independence – be responsible for yourself and your actions

Value – honesty, fairness and respect

Enthusiasm – embrace new challenges with positivity and aspire to be the best you can be

Both staff and students are very proud of Stanhope House.  If you have any queries or concerns regarding your child’s school life, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Stanhope’s Pastoral Assistants, Mrs Stanley and Dr Stevens-Neaves.

House Captains

House Captains:  Millie Stears and Elliot Thomas

Vice Captains: Elijah Way and Grace Spain

Sports Captains

Year 7

Lucy Wood

James Goldsmith

Year 8

Conna Coultrip

Francesca Hennessey

Year 9

Nola Hart

Zak Lewis

Year 10

Poppi Vincent

Kai Prendergast


Tutor Group

Form Captains

House Council Representatives


Ruby Shaw

Ruby Shaw


Angel Loveridge

Aaliyah Chin


Eliana Morgan

Lily Spain


Phoebe Coppin

Thomas Goldsmith


Melody Jackson

Georgia Holland


Paris Martin

Aaliegha Mackness


Casie Collins

Alfie Sketchley


Georgia Smith

Georgia Smith


Poppy Clayton

Gabriel Brandao


Paige Halil

Holly Watson