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Fulston Manor School

Fulston Manor School A Fulston Manor Academies Trust School

Student Experiences

I settled into Fulston very nicely the students of this school were very open to me and were always happy to help me. My Head of House played an important role into me settling in, she made sure that I was ok, that I made friends and most importantly that I was happy. Once I got through my first day I found it easy to find my way around so getting to lessons wasn't that much of a problem. All the teachers that I have had so far are very patient and I'm sure they only want the best out of you. I've mostly received a lot of support from my tutor, I'm able to get through the day if it's a bad one and shes always there when I need her advice or help on something.

Written by a student who transferred to Fulston Manor in Year 10

The thought of moving secondary schools for Sixth Form was a bundle of mixed emotions; I was nervous but also excited. Sixth Form in general is a daunting prospect because the two years spent working hard on apprenticeship or to receive a place at University. I transferred to Fulston for Sixth Form, mainly to enhance my confidence and experience a different learning environment as I had been surrounded by the peers/staff I had known from primary however, I knew I had to prepare myself for university life, which is my ultimate goal at the end of Sixth Form. The Isle of Sheppey Academy was able to build and provide me with the skills and confidence to move schools but by moving schools these skills have been built upon.

I knew from the end of my GCSE’s that I wanted to move schools for the basis of change, I had a choice either to go to Fulston or to go to college! I chose Fulston because I had friends who were already there and also who had been to the Sixth Form and had loved their time. To get a flavour of the school, I attended the schools induction week; this allowed me to get a taste for Sixth Form life and also the travelling to Sittingbourne. During this week I had discovered that I would settle in because most of the current students at the school are hardworking and independent and I could see that I would blossom around these students. During this week I was able to find similarities and differences between the school and my previous school the main difference being, the size of the school because my old school is built across two sites and 5 separate schools unlike Fulston which is built as one school and much smaller. Students and staff were extremely helpful in showing where the different blocks and classrooms were which made it easier to settle in amongst these like-minded students.

Moving schools is a hard process because you leave behind the friends and staff friendships that you created whilst at the previous schools. However Fulston staff and students have welcomed me with open arms, by having the induction week it gave me an appetizer into what life would be like in the future at Fulston.  Staff were able to give me extra support on any topics which were a challenge because A Levels are a big jump for any student because they are so different but having supportive teachers has enabled me to build on top of the skills which I had brought over.

A Levels require hard work, determination and dedication which I had acquired whilst at Fulston Manor School. The staff have supported me through the most important two years of my education. I am now in the process of waiting for offers for universities. The Sixth Form team have worked with me to write a personal statement and to complete my application form. Since sending it off, I have received two university offers from Kent and Westminster. I am intending to study English Literature and hopefully go to Bristol University to eventually work within Public relations.

Written by a student who transferred to Fulston Manor for Sixth Form