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Student Voice

Here at Fulston Manor School we have a structure in place that gives every student the opportunity to have an opinion on their learning environment.

  • Student Voice
  • House Council
  • School Council

The Student Voice involves voices from the students of the school, what they want and what they need and what they know. The majority of the School Voice is made up of representatives from each form, who all attend a House Council meeting, it is also open to those students who wish to view their opinion on issues that affect them at school.  The Student Voice will meet regularly with Mrs Franks to discuss issues that have an impact on their progress.

The School Council is made up from representatives from each House, this is where the representatives are given an opportunity to feedback from their House Council meeting and if necessary action points will be created and presented to the student body via assemblies or meetings.  Sixth Form are represented through a Social committee and an Academic Review group.

The School Council have a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer (to look after our funds) and a Publicity group. They meet three times a term after school in B7 and is led by Mrs K Franks (Assistant Head Teacher); to support and guide students. We also have a sixth former who analyses all survey results for us.

The School Council, House Council and Student Voice meetings are calendared.

What we have done

We have updated the bike sheds, making them more secure, more benches around the school; added new sandwiches and drinks to the school canteen, asked for by a few Houses.

All the representatives will have presented themselves in a whole school assembly and followed this up with a whole school survey to find out what students' opinions were on a range of topics from bullying to learning, best methods of communication and how students would like to get involved. Results of the survey are to be presented back to the school through House assemblies. Some of the findings have given us a direction to focus on further research eg discipline and behaviour.

  • Attended Student Voice Regional Network meetings
  • Represented the school in the Swale Youth Forum
  • Presented several topics such as Anti- Bullying, Manners and Behaviour, and raised awareness on how litter affects our community.
  • Surveyed Year 7 students on their Transition to secondary school.
  • Student Voice will meet and greet visitors and will then take them on a tour of their learning environment.

What we aim to do

We aim to raise the school profile, putting good news in papers and encourage all students to think of ways of doing this.

We would like to have sub committees within School Council to focus on particular areas. For example: interviewing, class observations, rewards and sanction and recruitment.

Liaise between staff and pupils would be great for improving learning. Using constructive criticism on how improvements can be made for the better. This could improve grades and possible the general atmosphere of classrooms.

If you have any comments, queries or SUGGESTIONS - please do not hesitate to contact us.

Either speak to your tutor representatives or e-mail us; [email protected]