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Summer School

The information on this page relates to previous Summer School events and how Government funding was allocated. We will not be running a Summer School during the summer of 2022. 

Summer School 2021

We were delighted to receive funding from the DFE this year, which we used to run a summer school for our incoming Year 7 students.  We provided a fun packed 5-day summer school from 23rd of August until 27th of August.

Our programme was designed to have a balance of activities and learning, with the emphasis on themed learning. Students had the opportunity to take part in a host of sporting, wellbeing and creative activities that they may never have experienced before – widening their skills and enhancing their interests.  Teachers planned and delivered Maths, English, Photography, Art, DT, Performing Art, Dance and Physical Education lessons which were all linked to the Key Stage 3 curriculum.

Our students also met the teachers, navigated the building and most importantly made friends. It was a fantastic opportunity to welcome our students to the Fulston Family.

The aims of the summer school was to:

  • Provide a mix of strong enrichment activities alongside academic content.
  • Improve student’s mental health and wellbeing
  • Forge relationships with staff and peers
  • Familiarise themselves with the new school environment to support engagement.
  • To increase cultural capital

Due to the positive uptake (121 students) attending daily, the students were in groups with peers, allowing them to start forming relationships with their peers from the same House.  Staff were allocated to each group to allow familiarity and a sense of security for those students who needed any additional support.  Staff met their students each morning and delivered all the lessons/activities, therefore quickly forming positive relationships throughout the week.

During the week students were able to develop relationships with the Key Stage 3 Learning Manager, SENCO, Transition Co-ordinator and pastoral staff.  This enabled our team to identify students who required additional support in September and begin to forge positive partnerships with parents. 

In order to break down further barriers, we provided every student with the opportunity to have a healthy nutritious lunch every day, which was kindly supplied by a local company.  All students also had all resources supplied to them including basic stationery and equipment to enhance their literacy skills.  Literacy skill are extremely important as student’s literacy levels may have been diminished during the national lockdown.

Feedback from staff, students and parents was very positive

'I am very pleased that ***** enjoyed the summer school and is feeling more confident re: the next phase of his educational journey.'

'A huge thank you to all staff involved with the transition week. ****** has been having the best week and it’s given him the opportunity to make new friends and reduce his anxiety.  It has been very much appreciated.'

'I hope we can run this again, as it has been fantastic for staff and students.'