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Fulston Manor School

Fulston Manor School A Fulston Manor Academies Trust School

What will my child learn in Year 10?

Term 1

Daily Life, Festivals and Celebrations 

  • Revision - food and meals
  • Revision - clothes and what to wear
  • Describing daily life using ‘devoir’ and ‘pouvoir’
  • Shopping for clothes

Term 2

Daily Life, Festivals and Celebrations and Where I Live

  • Describing festivals and traditions
  • Describing family celebrations using 3 tenses
  • Talking about where you live and what you can do there
  • Revision – places in town and asking the way

Where I Live

  • Talking about where you live and what you can do there
  • Revision – Places in town and asking the way

Term 3

Where I Live

  • Describing a region using superlative adjectives
  • At the tourist office
  • Discussing plans and the weather
  • Describing advantages and disadvantages of your town

Term 4

Out and About

  • Describing hotel facilities and dealing with a hotel stay
  • At the train station and describing journeys
  • Preparation for PPE speaking exam
  • PPE exam - speaking

Term 5

Out and About

  • PPE exams – writing, reading and listening
  • Describing holidays and ideal holidays
  • Talking about past holiday disasters
  • Ordering in a restaurant

Term 6

School Life

  • Revision school subjects and talking about your timetable
  • Giving opinions on school subjects and facilities at school
  • Comparing school life in France and England
  • Discussing school rules and regulations