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What will my child learn in Year 8?

Term 1

A School Day

  • Describing morning routine using reflexive verbs in present tense
  • Giving opinions about school subjects
  • Expressing opinions and reasons using intensifiers and connectives
  • Revision regular er verbs in present tense

Term 2

A School Day

  • Talking about timetables
  • Regular –ir and –re verbs in present tense
  • Activities after school
  • Present tense of faire (to do/to make)
  • Numbers up to 100 and above

Term 3

Leisure and Holidays

  • Sports and games using jouer à
  • Musical instruments using jouer de
  • Activities, jouer à or faire de

Term 4

Leisure and Holidays

  • Future plans using je voudrais + infinitive
  • Leisure centre activities using on peut + infinitive
  • Holiday activities using near future tense
  • What we do – focus on ‘nous’

Term 5

The Past

  • Describing TV programmes in the past
  • Last weekend with friends using regular –er verbs in perfect tense
  • Yesterday and today

Term 6

The Past

  • Activities last night – using irregular past participles
  • Talking about past events using perfect tense with être
  • Describing what didn’t happen