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What will my child learn in year 10?

Term 1

Life in Modern Britain

  • To understand the key principles and values in British society
  • To explore identity and the impact of immigration on identity
  • To understand the concept of mutual respect and understanding in a diverse society
  • To investigate media and the free press

Term 2

Life in Modern Britain

  • To understand the UK’s role in key international organisations
  • To investigate the UK’s membership of the EU and its impact upon the UK
  • To examine how non-governmental organisations respond to humanitarian crises
  • To evaluate how citizens can make a difference in society

Term 3

Politics and Participation

  • To understand the concept of democracy and different forms of democracy
  • To examine the values underpinning democracy
  • To investigation the institutions of the British constitution and the relationships between them

Term 4

 Politics and Participation

  • To understand the role and structure of elected local government, and the nature and organisation of regional and devolved government
  • To examine and evaluate devolution
  • To examine who can and cannot stand and vote in local and national elections
  • To evaluate the government budget and spending

Term 5

Politics and participation

  • To understand and evaluate voting systems used in UK elections
  • To examine the difference between the executive, the legislature, the judiciary and the monarchy
  • To examine the major political parties contesting UK general elections
  • To investigate the role of Parliament and roles associated with government

Term 6

Politics and Participation

  • To understand and evaluate the electoral systems and processes used in European parliamentary elections
  • To examine the impact of European parliamentary electoral systems on the composition of political parties
  • To investigate citizen participation in politics in one democratic and one non-democratic political system outside the UK
  • To investigate how citizens and groups can bring about political change