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Fulston Manor School

Fulston Manor School A Fulston Manor Academies Trust School

What will my child learn in year 10?

Term 1

Introduction to H&SC  - Component 1 Learning Aim A: Lifestages

  • To be able to explain human growth and development across life stages.
  • To be able to develop the skills for coursework writing, in research and referencing.

Term 2

C1 - Learning Aim B: How factors affect different life stages.

  • To explain how factors can affect individuals during the different life stages
  • To be able to research clearly and effectively for coursework.

Term 3

C1 Learning Aim B: Investigating how individuals deal with Life Events

  • To explain how life events impact development and the different ways in which individuals deal with it.

Term 4

Component 2 Learning Aim A: Understand the different types of Health and Social Care services

  • To be able to research and explain the different local services that individuals use.
  • To explain how barriers may limit access to Health and Social Care services.

Term 5

C2 Learning Aim B: Demonstrate Care Values

  • To explain the principle values of care that underpin Health and Social Care services.
  • To demonstrate how values of care are used within services.

Term 6

C2 Learning Aim B: Care Values &  Preparing for C3 Examination Unit

  • To explore the importance of care values and the impact of implementing them into Health and Social Care Work
  • What is Health and Wellbeing.