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What will my child learn in year 11?

Term 1

Unit 3: Media and free press

  • To explore the concepts and effect of mass media and its influence on society
  • To explore the issues of press freedom and media reporting
  • To investigate the role of the media in forming public opinion
  • To investigate how politicians and other groups use the media

Term 2

Controlled Assessment Unit 4

  • To investigate a n issue in your local area. To try and make a change regarding this issue. To evaluate the impact.

Term 3

Unit 3: Conflict, genocide

  • To understand the different causes of conflict and the ways it might be managed
  • To investigate case studies and evaluate the role of different  international bodies
  • To consider how the international community holds those responsible to account for international human rights abuses.

Term 4

Unit 3: Globalisation, world economics and sustainable development

  • To explore the concept of globalisation and how it links with international trade systems
  • To explore the differences between LEDCs and MEDCs
  • To understand the way the world’s economy functions
  • To investigate world trade issues
  • To explore sustainable development and to understand the role of Local Agenda 21
  • To consider how the world is using it’s resources and the effect they are having on climate change
  • To understand the concept of interdependence
  • To investigate issues such as the World Food Crisis

Term 5

Unit 3: The UK and the World

  • To explore the UK’s role in world affairs
  • To consider the role played by the UK in organisations such as NATO and the UN
  • To investigate the UK’s role in the world and with world trade issues
  • To understand how pressure groups and NGOs deal with international issues

Term 6

  • N/A