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What will my child learn in year 11?

Term 1

Rights and Responsibilities

  • To examine what laws a society requires and why
  • To examine rights in local and global situations
  • To understand a citizen’s rights and responsibilities within the legal system and the operation of the justice system
  • To examine the rights and legal entitlements of citizens at differing ages
  • To examine the differences between civil and criminal law
  • To understand how legal systems differ in the UK

Term 2

Rights and Responsibilities

  • To examine how citizens’ rights have changed and developed over time
  • To understand common law and legislation
  • To examine the right to representation and the role and history of trade unions and employers’ associations
  • To understand the nature of criminality in the UK today and how we deal with those who commit crime
  • To evaluate the importance of key international agreements and treaties, and international law in conflict situations
  • To investigation how citizens and groups can bring change in the legal system

Term 3

Active Citizenship Investigation

  • Stage 1 – deciding what issue to investigate and justify the choice
  • Stage 2 – carrying out primary and secondary research
  • Stage 3 – planning what action needs to be carried out
  • Stage 4 – carrying out this action

Term 4

Active Citizenship Investigation

  • Stage 5 – measure the impact of the action
  • Stage 6 – evaluate the whole process

Term 5

Revision and Examination Preparation

Term 6

  • N/A