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What will my child learn in year 11?

Term 1

Stages and Patters of Human Growth and Development with PPE

  • To explain how individuals grow and develop during the life stages. To apply knowledge of the life stages to exam style case studies, and to begin on creating exam answer structure and format.

Term 2

The stages cont'd & Factors affecting Growth and Development

  • To explain what factors affect human growth and development.  To explain how different factors affect development, health and life opportunities. To further develop skills on answering exam questions and using knowledge from content (factors) to apply to case studies

Term 3

Factors affecting Development cont'd

  • To explain how factors such as physical, economic, social, emotional and environmental, can affect health, development, well-being and life opportunities.

Term 4

The development of Self-concept & Relationships

  • To explain how self-concept develops. To explain how self-esteem, physical and mental health, employment and education interrelate to affect health and development. To identify what effect abuse and neglect can have on personal development.

Term 5

Sources of Support and Revision

  • To understand what life events are and how they can affect an individual's personal development. To explain what support isavailable during life events.

Term 6

Revision (if applicable)

  • To strengthen and secure exam technique and knowledge to prepare for the exam.  To aid and support revision through guidance on revision techniques and tools. To support and secure knowledge in workshops.