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Fulston Manor School

Fulston Manor School A Fulston Manor Academies Trust School

What will my child learn in year 12?

1 to 4

Philosophy of Religion

Learners will study:

  • Ancient philosophical influences 
  • The nature of the soul, mind and body 
  • Arguments about the existence or non-existence of God
  • The nature and impact of religious experience
  • The challenge for religious belief of the problem of evil

‚ÄčReligion and ethics

Learners will study:

  • Normative ethical theories
  • The application of ethical theory to two contemporary issues of importance

5 to 6

Developments in religious thought

Learners will study:

  • religious beliefs, values and teachings their interconnections and how they vary historically and in the contemporary world
  • sources of religious wisdom and authority
  • practices which shape and express religious identity, and how these vary within a tradition in the context of Christianity