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What will my child learn in year 13?

Term 1

The Theory of Tort law,

The theory of contract law, including consent, fault and sociology: especially how the economic theories of socialism, social contract, neo-conservatism and liberalism apply to the modern formulation of contract law.

Term 2

Students will study and learn the rules on offer and acceptance, the formation of contract, observing the rules on consideration and integration. Students will learn case law and attempt to apply such case law to modern cases, adapting archaic and ancient rules to fit with complex modern scenarios.

Term 3

Students will now delve deeper into contract law, and learn the meaning and categorisation of express terms, conditions, warranties and innominate, and their corresponding remedial outcomes. Students will discover more about the writing rule and the supremacy of written contract, and the application of term one rules to vocal only contracts.

Term 4

Students will learn about implied terms in consumer contracts, and remedial actions for breach of these terms. Case law will be studied to find out how courts apply such law to general acts.

Students will also discover and recap on law and morality in a contract setting from year 12.

Finally, students will learn about the discharge of contracts, by performance, breach and frustration (Act of God) and how to apply these to scenarios.

Term 5

Students will, without fail, be able to categorise and determine the outcome of contractual actions by observing how a court calculate damages and repudiatory awards, learning when common law and equitable remedies apply.

Students will recap and recover lost ground to plug any gaps up to the exam period from work they have completed in the previous two years.

Term 6

Examination preparation and A-level qualification completion.