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Fulston Manor School

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What will my child learn in year 7?

Term 1

Rights and Responsibilities

  • To explore our different rights and responsibilities. To consider the rights and responsibilities of children. To consider the rights and responsibilities of the world. 

Term 2

Crime and Justice

  • To consider the impact of laws and the implications if we did not. To investigate how laws are made. To investigate the age of criminal liability

Term 3

Crime and Justice

  • To compare and contrast criminal and civil law. To create our own law. To evaluate how effective our law would be if applied.

Term 4

Diversity and Discrimination

  • To explore the concept of diversity. To investigate stereotypes. To create a piece educating others on the negative effects

Term 5

Diversity and Discrimination

  • To investigate British culture. To explore the impact of multiculturalism. To develop an understanding of integrated communities.

Term 6


  • To investigate the way that identity affects us individually. To consider how identity can shape communities. To create an identity passport.