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What will my child learn in year 8?

Term 1

Equal Opportunities  

  • To understand how the law tackles discrimination. To consider the impact that being disabled has on school children. To develop and evaluate strategies for including disabled children in school

Term 2

Media and the Law

  • To investigate the way that the media influences our life. To evaluate the balance between free speech and privacy laws. To explore the way the Leveson Enquiry changed media regulations.

Term 3

Media and the Law

  • To create a new rule book for the media. To discuss how media can and does influence us. To evaluate whether advertisers are held to account.

Term 4

Democracy and Parliament

  • To explore the role of a political party. To create our own political party. To evaluate the barriers to voting and suggest ways to increase voter apathy.

Term 5

Democracy and Parliament

  • To consider what makes a good MP. To create our own ideal MP. To evaluate how good our MP would be at their role

Term 6

Democracy and Parliament

  • To explore the way that money is spent by the government. To consider our role in the EU. To evaluate our membership of the EU.