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What will my child learn in year 9?

Term 1

Terrorism and Conflict

  • To explore the concept of identity. To investigate a terrorist event and discuss the different causes and effects. To consider the impact of different terrorise events.

Term 2

Terrorism and Conflict

  • To investigate the way that conflict can divide. To investigate the impact conflict has on a nation. To evaluate the different methods for resolving conflict.

Term 3

Local Democracy

  • To explore the role of local democracy. To explore the structure of local democracy. To investigate and report on local issues.

Term 4

The United Nations and Genocide.

  • To examine the role of the United Nations. To evaluate the relevance and importance of the United Nations. To evaluate the role of the UN in Rwanda.

Term 5

The United Nations and Genocide        

  • To compare the impact of the United Nations in Rwanda with that in Syria. To investigate and give opinions on the UN’s actions in Syria. To decide and explain actions we think should have been taken.

Term 6

Government Spending and Budget

  • To understand what Government spending is. To examine where government money comes from. To understand government budget and create own version of government budget.