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What will my child learn in year 9?

Term 1

National and International Conflict :

  • to explore the concept of identity. To investigate a terrorist event and discuss the different causes and effects. To consider the impact of different terrorist events.

Term 2

National and International Conflict 

  • To investigate the way that conflict can divide using the Berlin Wall case study. To investigate the impact conflict has on a nation. To evaluate the different methods for resolving conflict.

Term 3

The United Nations and Genocide

  • To evaluate the role of the UN in Rwanda. To evaluate the UN's role with regards to child soldiers. To compare the treatment of child soldiers to the victims in Rwanda.

Term 4

Consumer Rights

  • To investigate the rights of the consumer. To consider the protection they offer. To explore how employee rights protect us. 

Term 5

Local Democracy

  • To explore the structure of local democracy. To explore the work of social services. To investigate a local issue.

Term 6

Finance and the Economy

  • To carry out an advocacy on a local issues. To evaluate how effective it was. To draw conclusions and make suggestions for improvements.