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What will my child learn in year 9?

Term 1

  • To give pupils a knowledge of design movements and styles
  • To research and create individual specifications
  • To clarify ideas through discussion, drawing and modelling.

Term 2

  • To make realistic plans for manufacture
  • To select and work with a range of tools and equipment with accuracy and precision, showing an understanding of their characteristics.
  • Develop testing and evaluation skills.

Term 3

  • To develop graphic design skills
  • To understand branding and target markets
  • To communicate own ideas responding creatively to briefs.

Term 4

  • To develop designs based on feedback
  • To design and manufacture high quality card based products
  • Develop testing and evaluation skills

Term 5

  • Develop Testing and Evaluation skills
  • Develop Peer Assessment skills
  • Develop Self-Assessment skills
  • Develop examination technique (KS3 examination)

Term 6

  • Develop workshop hand tool skills
  • Understand different types of joints
  • To manufacture high quality wood joints.