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Fulston Manor School

Fulston Manor School A Fulston Manor Academies Trust School

What will my child learn in year 9?

Term 1



This term students will determine right from wrong, learning about absolute and relative morality and applying these approaches to case studies.

Term 2

Sanctity of Life


This term students will debate at when does life begin and discuss whether quality of life should be considered over the intrinsic value of human life.

Term 3

Evil and Suffering


This term students will investigate the origins of evil and suffering, debate who is responsible for evil and suffering and evaluate God’s role as an omnipotent and benevolent being and why people continue to suffer.

Term 4



This term students will define the terms prejudice and discrimination with a focus on the situation for African Americans in the Southern states of the USA, including Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.  

Term 5



This term students will learn from and about the religion of Judaism.  Students will learn about the foundations of the faith.

Term 6



This term students will learn about the persecution of the Jewish people in the holocaust, students will learn about the Final Solution and consider how inhumane humanity can be.