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What will my child learn in year 9 music?

Term 1
  • Music for Stage and Screen: Explore the life and works of key composers of the genre
  • Music for Stage and Screen: Analyse patterns, harmony and orchestration of a set work
  • Music for Stage and Screen: Key Musical Features
Term 2
  • Minimalism: Find out about the key musical features of minimalist music and how it is constructed
  • Minimalism: Learn how to combine and manipulate different motifs when performing and composing a piece of minimalist music. 
  • Music for Stage and Screen: Key Musical Features
Term 3
  • Jazz & Blues: Learn how chords can be put together to form a chord progression
  • Jazz & Blues: Learn how improvisation is used in Jazz  
  • Jazz & Blues: Learn how melodies are performed in Jazz.
Term 4
  • Live Lounge: Practical Application of Music Technology Software and Resources
  • Live Lounge: Development of Ensemble Skills 
  • Live Lounge: Evaluation of Amateur and Professional Performances
Term 5
  • Latin & South American Music: Learn about the instruments and Rhythms used in South & Latin American Music
  • Latin & South American Music: Perform a Latin piece using simple rhythms, ostinatos and melodies
  • Latin & South American Music: Compose using some of the features learnt about
Term 6
  • Song Writing & Parody: Recognise and explore how riffs fit into a song
  • Song Writing & Parody: Describe the structure of a song using appropriate musical vocabulary.
  • Song Writing & Parody: Identify and Explore the relationship between Music and Lyrics