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Year 7

The list below shows the dates that homework projects will start, these projects will come live on the “Show My Homework” system on the stated Monday morning and students are expected to start the project on their own (not waiting for their subject lesson that week).

Full project guidance and resources will be made available and clear instructions on how to submit their work will be included. Student support is available from department staff and the School's Homework Club.

The project outlines below are just a guide to the content, further differentiated support materials for students will be published on the Show My Homework system for each project.

Date Set

Project Subject

10th Sept

DT – Coat of Arms

24th Sept

English – The Context of 19th Century Literature

8th Oct

Religious Studies    Good Samaritan

29th Oct

Geography – Rivers Project

19th Nov

Citizenship – The Criminal Justice System

3rd Dec

Performing Arts – Children’s Theatre – Grimm’s tales

7th Jan

History – The Rise and Fall of Castles

21th Jan

Textiles – Title to be confirmed

4th Feb

Geography – Development Project

25th Feb

English - Superheroes

11th Mar Citizenship – Culture in a Box
25th Mar History – The Black Death

During the weeks of 23th, 29th April and 6th May

All Depts. set structured revision homework tasks for KS3 examinations

13th May Art – Australian Art

3rd June

RS  - Golden Temple (1 week project)

10th June

English – Space

24th June

Performing Arts – Live Music Performance Review


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7GL   Maths French   Science
7GR   French  


7GM Science Maths French    
7A     Computing* (wk1) Food (wk 1)  
7B       Food (wk 1)  
7C Computing* (wk 1)   Food (wk 1)    
7D Computing* (wk 1)   Food (wk 1)    
7UL   French Maths Science  
7UR   Maths   French Science
7UM   French Maths   Science

Computing* (wk 1)

Food (wk 1)

7F   Food (wk 1) Computing* (wk 1)    

Computing* (wk 1)

Food (wk 1)

7IL Maths   French


7IR Maths     French Science
7H Computing* (wk 1)   Food (wk 1)    
7I     Food (wk 1)   Computing* (wk 1)
  • Mathematics and Science homework will be set only once per week but it should be aimed to last one hour ten minutes per subject per week.
  • For other subjects homework should be aimed to last 25 to 30 minutes per subject.
  • The subjects in italics will have homework set on alternate weeks
  • *Computing homework will be set every other lesson
  • Due to the nature of the Food Technology curriculum there may be instances where homework is set on week 2
  • Any incomplete homework tasks should be logged as negative memos on the Class charts system
  • Any high quality homework tasks should be logged as positive memos on the Class Charts system