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Year 11

Key Information for Students and Parents

When are the Easter Workshops taking place?

Students will have been handed an individual timetable for their workshop sessions (the full timetable is available to download at the bottom of this page) and the following expectations will be made clear to them:

· Students are not required to wear school uniform when attending workshops

· Students need to wear face coverings as per normal

· Students need to maintain their twice a week testing routine, reporting the outcomes as if it were term time.

You will notice that we have built break and lunchtimes into the plan for the workshops; however, should you NOT want the school to allow your child to leave the site at these times, please inform me by email using the address [email protected]

The members of staff will be covering key content and picking up on key examination skills, ready for the further collection of assessment evidence after the Easter break. 

What is GCSE Pod and how do I use it?

GCSE Pod is the new revision aid for all students that uses exam board targeted videos to help students revise for examinations. It is a great way to cover content and revise understanding. The Presentation attached here covers everything you need to know to get it up and running!

If you lose your password for GCSEPod and have trouble resetting it, please contact Mr Prutton at [email protected]

How can my son / daughter access GCSE Pod for their revision?  

Please see here for the document that give instructions on how to access the great new GCSE resource that targets key content for each subject offered for GCSE at Fulston Manor School.

If you lose your password for GCSEPod and have trouble resetting it, please contact Mr Prutton at [email protected]

Will the school be offering Saturday morning workshops?

The school is looking to run these later in the year as examinations approach, we will inform parents and students of the dates when this starts

When do the Year 11 subject workshops take place?

We have a workshop rota in place starting from 9th September, however subject teachers will be speaking to students about the content and relevance to their needs, so session may be useful for your son / daughter – others may not. Subject teachers will initially guide this. 

Click here to see the workshop rota.

What are the GCSE revision strategies I can use?

When is Year 11 homework set?

What basics do I need to remember for the exams?

Where can I find past papers to revise from in Years 10 and 11?

How can my diet help me in my exams?

How to deal with examination stress?

Which apps do subjects recommend to use in Years 10 and 11?

  • GCSE Pod, Senacre learning and You tube  for everything – Learning new content, revision of content and testing your understanding
  • You-tube channel: Planet PE
  • Edmodo for History
  • BBC Bitesize – all subjects
  • Kerboodle – Science
  • Psychology – Illuminate Revision App
  • Sociology – Revise sociology
  • Citizenship – BBC newsround
  • Maths – Pixl Maths App and Hegarty Maths
  • Tutor2u – Good for Business and Economics
  • Photography – Pinterest, Weebly and Canva
  • Art – Pinterest and You tube for your art techniques
  • Geography – Memrise and Quizlet
  • Revision – Quizlet Flash card maker
  • Computing – Teach -ICT has all revision materials
  • DT –

Should there be any information that you require that is not on this page please contact Mr R Prutton via email [email protected]