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Year 11

Key Information for Students and Parents

          What is GCSE Pod and how do I use it?

          GCSE Pod is the new revision aid for all students that uses exam board targeted videos to help students              revise for examinations. It is a great way to cover content and revise understanding. The Presentation                  attached here covers everything you need to know to get it up and running!

          How can my son / daughter access GCSE Pod for their revision?  

          Please see here for the document that give instructions on how to access the great new GCSE resource                that targets key content for each subject offered for GCSE at Fulston Manor School.

          When are the Holiday / Saturday revision workshops taking place?

          Holiday workshops will be taking place during February half term, Easter and May half term.

         Further details wil be circulated to parents and published here.

          When do the subject workshops take place?

          Details of the workshop rota and a copy of the workshop parental information letter are attached at the                        bottom of this page.

          When are the 2020 examinations?

          Click here for the 2020 examination timetable

          What are the revision strategies I can use?

          Follow this link to a list of strategies you could use to revise.

          When is Year 11 homework set?

          Follow this link to the year 11 homework page.

          What basics do I need to remember for the exams?

          Follow this link for some basic exam techniques

          Where can I find past papers to revise from?

          Follow this link to find how to access all past papers

          How can my diet help me in my exams?

          Follow this link to find some recipes for success

Should there be any information that you require that is not on this page please contact Mr R Prutton via email [email protected]